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Where can I find the Kickstarter link? Tried looking for Project Kat directly and couldn't find it... strange


I am BEYOND EXCITED!!!!!! Dowloading <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

i will never forget this storyline. The game is beautiful, the art is deeply touching. everything about it is good, the music the pixel art, the script... Great work here!

looking forward to chapter 1. This was a great game.

Had a great time playing the demo! I really liked the song played at the end. Great job! Got my follow! :D

Can we have a deadline extension of a week? I would love to be able to send my project. I had to study this week :I

nice soundtrack

cool skeleton! got caught in a wall *glitch*

wonderful game! I won, I'm so happy :3

This is so beautiful! I cried... thank you so much!


Great game!!!

Sort the Court! community · Created a new topic Soundtrack

The song is so good sometimes i just open it on one tab and get on with the stuff i gotta do.

personal highscore: 58 at insane against 3 players.

I just finished it and I am in tears. It was one of the most beautiful games I ever played. Thank you so much! It was very therapeutical, funny and a bit scary ( i was scared to go into the forrest hihi) but the ending was just sooooooooooooooo beautiful!

This just gets better and better! can you make a highscore section? also, loving the new growing difficulty system! great improvements! scored: 40

i really liked the idea of the game! although the game play wasn't very peaceful to me. But i liked the crazy feeling I had playing it. It was a bit surreal, so it ended up paying off anyways! good game!

i also love how the church design was made to seem that they are stuck inside, that you can't get out. it's like a metaphor for when you are a believer and you seem to encounter all the prohibitiopns that come from Religion (not god) and from men trying to make men follow the Law.

this is excelent. i believe and ihave this same criticisms about religion and the church! thanks for the game!!! the ending was incredible! 

great party bro. THE BAND WAS LIT! 

love it! the dash attacks are awesome! also i love how difficult it is! beautiful game and beautiful music.

don't worry about it too much! the challenge is quite thrilling!

great game but ots so soooo hard man!

great music!

it's not meant for human eyes...