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Dion Dusk

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This was really cute!

I hope you had fun with the project!

This game is and will stay a great game to pass the time with, and I'm glad to see it come to a point that is completed!

As fun as it could be to speedrun a fixed layout, randomize area has a greater charm in my heart.

Aye, you're back! This was rather fun, despite the changes!

I was curious about the shop currency, is it just randomly dropped? It took a couple of runs to get all the free scenes. 

And for the coins and gems from vases, is there any use outside of just opening the doors to get more? Maybe have a system that every 100, 200 coins be another shop currency, maybe?

Either way, glad to see you all are back, and progressing!

Just gotta say thank you for continuing to do your best, Side B! 

Amazing update! Been there since the flash days, and phew, this update!

Love the new UI, Northern is better than I could have ever expect! 

Favorite kitties of Northern still are Luna and Nala!

Minigames are interesting and pretty fun!

Believed I covered everything in the demo...

This was such a fun, and difficult demo! 

Fights were mostly balanced if you went at them at the right levels.

Puzzles were not that difficult, and forgiving, which I appreciate.

I made the game more difficult on my end not understanding the shop for bolstering stats, and wasted a majority of my money on capping HP, so battles panned out, but eventually won.

Overall, great demo!

So happy to see this game has finally made it! Keep up the great work! I especially still adore Nyancy the best!