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Played this, and I was laughing and also a bit spooked. I hope more stuff like challenges (such as a randomized items challenge, an Aggressive Baldi challenge, and a silent enemies challenge (where the sounds of the enemies don't play, including when the Principal catches you or Playtime sees you, but excluding Gotta Sweep's sweeping line and Baldi's jumpscare sound) which you can play simultaneously, like if they're level modifiers) would be added soon.

Also please remove that loading screen easter egg. It scared the hell out of me.

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I have an idea to have different challenges, and here's a list of my ideas:

  • Aggressive Baldi: Baldi is very aggressive from the first time you anger him, and keeps on getting even more aggressive each time you anger him, almost to the point where he's faster than he is when you have 7/7 notebooks.
  • Aggressive Friends: All of Baldi's friends are very aggressive.
  • Randomized Items: All items (and the notebooks, except the first two) are randomized in their locations.
  • Deadly Detention: Getting detention makes Baldi immeditately move to the Principal's office and kill you, making detention an instant death.
  • Silent Enemies: Any of the sounds the enemies make when moving don't play. This also applies to when the Principal or Playtime spot you.
  • No Items: Removes all items (except for the notebooks).
  • I Break Every Door You Lock: Baldi can break locked doors.
  • All-Baldi: All enemies are Baldi.
  • Alchohol is Bad For You, Kids!: A "drunk mode", where your screen is blurry and it creates after-images of itself when moving the mouse, similar to when you lose mental health in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.