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I like the game play also mood of the game. Good job!

Never thought someone like this weirdness. XD Thank you for playing.

Thank you for the kind words. :)

No, you are not wrong. There are no gameplay in this game... and sorry for that. I’ve wrote about this on my game page, don’t play this game cuz it is incomplete, however seem like via ue4jam page it doesn’t show up.

I’ve tried to make a game with idea-first perspective not game-play perspective. I put sounds, created first and didn’t make game play... cuz I didn’t have time to finish it. Which is a common excuse for the gamejam.

Sorry again and you are not wrong ;)

:) I'll do better next time. Thank you for the comment!

I love this game :) General mood and sounds and the idea are great.

Sorry for the late replay. I agree this game is confusing. Since the theme was "Sacrifices must been made" me and my friend were thinking incremental game with sacrifice. However it didn't go well and we didn't put enough feedback for user. Thank you for playing and sorry for the poor game play experience.

Very good game. I love this.

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Thank you for playing game.

Landing box and kill user is purposely done. You have to summon the box little bit faster. It's about timing.

But I think I made game too difficult. Because my friends are also complaining about the difficulty of this game. I will do better next time.