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The number of levels have been added in the description now :)

What a beautiful comment :D

Thank you! Staying in the blue increases your flow, and hearts spawn faster the higher your flow is.

Thank you so much for the kind words!

You might have discovered a bug there; we'll look into that.

Thank you so much, it's really nice to hear that :D And yes, Purrkin is absolutely the best, isn't he?

Thank you for the kind words, and for reporting that bug. We'll get it sorted real fast!

Ask and ye shall receive! It's now been added as a download option 

Thank you 

It's also quite possible we were inspired by our own dating experiences when making it.

Ultimate pacifist no time run!

O_o ooh that’s fast!

The gif/screenshot problem could maybe be something with application rights? That it doesn’t get writing permission? The chrome version injects the image as bytestring data directly in the HTML and doesn’t need OS permissions.

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Post your best runs of the new 0.1.3a build.

We'll do our best to not change this layout for at least a good few days, so we can all speedrun this and have fun without everything changing too rapidly. If awful problems are found those will be fixed, but we'll try to keep the layout as is for a while.

Is that a good or a bad thing? :D

Thank you so much for the kind words and for making a video on the game 

Would love a video of these runs to see how it looks :D

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You peeps are nuts!

Recognized as the official Humper Champ record for 0.0.4

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Currently this is recognized as the world record for 0.0.5 and is deserving of the Humper Champ trophy!

Post your best times, humpers!

Post your strats for this version

Your best times - videos, gifs and screenshots all welcome.

Post your strategies for version 0.0.5 here.

The levels are procedurally generated, so sometimes you can get a bit unlucky and get some spikes. But generally up to level 7 they should all be manageable with some practice and some retries :)

If you enter your home you can put on an xmas hat, that makes it easier to find yourself. And don't make yourself invisible with the color options, that will make things worse ;)

Once we're out of beta we plan to release the p8.png cart too, yep!

But can you get to seven bonus hearts?

Glad to hear you're enjoying it, but please don't blame us if your grades suffer ;)

Thank you for the feedback! I'll see what we can do about making the goals and systems a bit clearer, it's something we've heard a good few people mention so far. We're also working on some general balance and a final music track.

And thanks so much for making a youtube video on it. I'm going to sit down and take a look later on, it's always very useful to observe someone play your games "live" like that!