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A member registered Sep 28, 2020

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Please get better about your health :D

glad you could re-make this :D

wow, that's im waiting for, DOORS :D

nice :D

cant wait for more detail and more characters :D

thank you so much :D

hey, could you made Kitchen set like it...or just like the Office kit :D

You are so awesome :D

ya, im looking for your future work about characters :D

Purchased :D  You have any characters pack ?

Really like your works :D

omg, i missed sale time.. T.T

here, nice again :D thank you so much

thank you so much, ya because the file so long in height so that the problem :D


hey, just question, im using unity to import your work, the tile room seems fine but interiors have blur line outline items, when im slice made nearby item has that blur line too.

wow, nice update then :D

wow wow wow, thanks alot :D

Love to hear it :D Have a nice day, im looking for more of your works :D

Purchased, nice pack :D Could you make Gallery with more room this pack could make ? because im using Unity so something it hard to imagine something first then find items