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I love it! It's so cute.

But btw here are some suggestions to add {if you can, ofc}

1. An inventory of which and how many fish the ghost got.

2. Different things to do when clicking on items.

For example, when clicking the lamp, there will be a light turned on.

 When clicking the couch, the ghost will sit on it.

 When fishing, there are some trees in the background, when clicking, some leaves fall from it, or an apple!

Omg, this is so cute!

Even that you won't update it, it's still a small, simple, and fun game to play! :D


Many people can't join his discord server, because the link is broken.

I found his server and made a link, that never expires and it's for 100 uses.

It's short, but really cute! ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

One of the cutest story games I've ever played!

I really enjoyed it <3

Ya'll, this is the best game.

You can do a lot of things, and it's very fun.

You need to try it <3

No problem, happy to help :3

Love it <3

But how do I save it so I can continue it later?

Really cute game!

Amazing original character design

love the game! <3

Hi there. I found the discord server.

Here's the invite link

Hope it works

Maybe someone was writing the same letters again and again?

Hi there.

Your pc may be old and slow.

There's a ton of youtube videos how to boost your pc.

Check it out!

Not sure. Maybe try to download it again?

I enjoyed this game! <3

Wish they where real...

Really cute game!

Didn't had time to finish it, but I will continue it later!


Some characters have the walking animation but they don't move

Adorable game! If the table was bigger...

But I really enjoyed it!

Hope you're add some things to the game! <3

Hi there! I have an old and slow laptop too!

Here are some tips you can do to make it faster!

1. Clean up - Remove useless files

2.Disable useless apps on startup manager.

3. On whatever browser you have, you can try to disable wallpaper, animations.

Please, try watching some youtube tutorials on how to boost your pc. I learned all these from them! (and more)

Pc cleaner software? Don't download CCleaner, try Glary Utilities! That's what I use and it's really useful. Oh and make sure to go to settings for disk clean up and uncheck cookies. You might log off from websites.

I mean, you can read the description ;-;

Just go to your taskbar, click the arrow with the apps running in the background, right-click the desktop meadow and click exit.

You can also disable it from starting when pc turns on, with startup manager.

I can't really see what it says, but you might need to update your windows. Maybe there's something with the folders, but first, try to see if there are some updates available for your windows.

Sadly, the developer didn't add these features. You can ask him to add them if he can.

This is for every window pc. Your pc might need an update, or you disabled something from somewhere? Just go to settings and check for windows updates.

It's so sad seeing someone suffering from pain.

I wish I could help that little bird :(

I just played it and it's so cool!!!

Already my favourite game 💕

I don't think it needs some updates,

just a quick question:

Is there any setting for the camera?

It takes kinda too long for me to turn around TvT

Adorable game!

I love this box shaped cat! I also have some questions owo

1. Is there only one cat color?

2.I didn't understand how things actually work. Like, the objects around the cat, i click them and it needs to be half fill to like feed my cat on the bowl? I waited some mins an it did nothing.

I would like some updates, but i will still have it downloaded.

Oh my god, no please xD

It would be violent and sad

It's ok!

At least you apologize.

I always loved nature and her creations, that's all.

Really good game.


-Smooth Animations

-Great pixel art

  One of the best pixel games i played :)

Oh, really? Well, you're more like:

Hehe, you are obsessed with writing hate commends, fat guy.

Ok so not hate but it's kinda violent. 

For all the creatures  out there . :/


I saw your comment and i would like to tell you, try downloading again, or restart your device.

If it wont work, well, there are a lot of games like this.

I never was a girly girl, that liked dollhouses and dolls.

But this is the most KAWAII AND CUTEST dollhouse ever!

I wish there could be more things, like minigames.

It was very cute and fun!!!

I found only 7 dogs, but i will keep trying to find more!

How do i get the number of a seed? So i can use the nursery!

--Love the game btw uwu

I will never stop playing this game!  😄💚🌳🌲🌵☘


Wow, it was a really good expirience!

It took me some hour to move the arrow tho TvT

Short, but such a nicely game!

(1 edit)

I love my cat Shay!

I really like this game,

it's easy and fun! UwU

Or, if it won't work,

 restart your device.

Umm try to find the game file and double click on the game thing?

I prefer to not download it.

It will be kinda annoying :/