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Hello, big fan of the game and I hope you keep improving on your style! This recent update has been pretty fun to play with a few mechanics that really upped the challenge. (Cars can block the path to continue in the gauntlet, giantess mode, etc) Some things that I would like to see in the future is the re-inclusion of the different giantesses and giants and also to get male voices for the citizens as it’s really unbalanced having the women speak and the men stay quiet(except when you drop them) There could also be adjustments made for the giantess mode, like a larger interaction circle and building rendering( destroying too many buildings make the game lag like crazy) A fun idea that would be cool to be implemented is a “Create Your Own Gauntlet” where you have a city template that you can edit the path and add in the different people, cars, and buildings to make your own scenario. Keep up the good work!