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Thank you for replying. I look forward to continue playing this game.

I think it's too frequent that I lose stuff when inside but even worse is the fact that I always lose the end game weapon even when I feel I should be rewarded for sleeping inside buildings. Was it intentional to lose equipment even when inside? If so, I think that the frequency should be toned down or to have a way to decrease your chance of equipment being stolen when inside buildings. Sorry for your time, I would appreciate if there was a way you could maybe tweak this aspect a little bit.

P.S. I don't think you should take the stuff stolen in buildings completely away but it would help if at least the end game weapon wouldn't get stolen all the time.

Thank you for this! It really helped

I have had a similar issue as this user. It was around inwo wazunot and burifa, however, i do not know the exact coordinates. Thank you for your time.