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i dont know how to progress ;w;

Kudos to y'all working hard to give us a masterpiece

i really like the game but....please add auto saves ;w;

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I should have expected for the game to have sad endings but damn i was so hungry for a good one i speed ran it to see if theres a single good ending and well..lets just say theres only tragedy in Hollywood

well i wouldnt mind having a few more options :3

is it just me or i think of Randal's voice as Chris Hemswoth's he even almost looks like him

is it just me or i think of Randal's voice as Chris Hemswoth's he even almost looks like him

ngl the ending with bishop was hot

are yall gonna add yaoi stuff on later updates or this is strictly straight

i hope we get chapter 2 :')

that'd be cool :3

i wonder if theres a gay ver. 

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right! he loves you too , he really loved you even though he made you suffer he didnt me to so this doesnt mean you have to hate him so much

just curious

now i'm sad ;w; i wish i could've at least had some nice thoughts about him i wanted to come back to him even though i suffered a lot cause just like me hes lonely and just wants a family i dont wanna leave the poor thing in the lake , i dont care how much i suffer i just want "niall" to be happy with marlowe even though marlowe doesnt like him much

what I need is to see if naming your robot bad names it would affect gameplay 

And second thing is I liked the lewd scene but somehow I felt hurt-....I think it's because I don't get to see what happens next and is very worried about Elis ;w;

Lol when Elis said the 2 creeps knew the manager I instantly thought "wait if they know the manager maybe I could ask them to give the manager a good word about me so I could get a raise-"

I'm at day 34 I kept buying the clothes twice a day to be sure XP

I've already gotten all of it except the do I get the skirt?