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Dino Nuggets In Space

A member registered Jul 02, 2020

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Yeah this one definitely is huge enough as it is. I’m excited and really looking forward to it. But I genuinely hope you aren’t overworking yourself and stressing yourself out with it. 

I'm very excited and looking forward to this. But I do have a question if you are able to answer without spoiling anything or something like that. 

Does Trixie's hair being the way it is mean we'll be able to add highlights to our hair?

I appreciate the reply. I'm also looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the next update.

Do you intend to make it possible for the female MC to get pregnant as well as having the male MC being the one to impregnate? 

And does me having invested into this to get access to 0.3 before it's price was dropped to completely free mean I have early access to future updates as well? Or will I need to invest with every update? 

Sam actually doesn't intend on ever making that possible just because of the kind of game this is which I understand completely but don't really like either 

I purchased the Best Friend tier backwhen this game was still at 0.925. I downloaded 0.930a today and I entered the code that I received when I purchased the tier the first time but it's saying the code is wrong. I'm entering it exactly as the code says so entering it incorrectly can't be what's causing this. Please help. 

I think it’s random? I was rescued the first time then wasn’t the second time and I didn’t even do anything different. 

I have a few questions. 

(1) At some point in the future (most likely very far in because I know you have more important things to focus on) will we have the ability to buy food from the market as well? Instead of just having the job there. 

(2) Will there at any point be a dating system? Or is that not something you ever plan on implementing? 

What exactly is the fastest and most effective way to become friends with Nate and Drake and Dan? Playing with them or hanging out with them? 

I don’t see a Bree tab 

Wait how have I never seen it then 😳 

Does the creator or anyone that has played have a walkthrough/guide for Bree as the main character? I’d really appreciate it. 

I'm sure the fact that you make it available for Android anyway is appreciated by a lot of people. You can consider me one. 

You are correct. My Android is what I’d chosen to use for this because it seemed ironic and my sense of humor is a bit *out there* if you know what I mean. 

It was the first one I noticed and it was very early on in the game. I’ve noticed more since but it was too many to show you through screenshots in your comment section. I’m not quite finished (I am thoroughly enjoying your VN so far by the way and I completely agree with what the person below me said) and I don’t mean this as an offense to you but I have a feeling I will find more as I go on. What I do from now on when or if I do find more if completely your choice. 

I’ve noticed a few punctuation and spelling errors here and there as well. 

If by any chance you (now or anytime in the future) want someone to possibly proofread the dialogues before you release any new updates in the future I could be someone to do it if you let me. I know it doesn’t show by my complete lack of punctuation here in my comments but I am very well adept and I’d say qualified. I could even test new updates on my device before release so this doesn’t happen again. I’m not exactly expecting pay if you accept either. 

I’m offering because editing and proofreading are things I very much enjoy and your novel is something I’m enjoying as well. If you accept or just want to discuss further you can contact me at the email I’m leaving below. 

(1 edit)

I don't mean to alarm you in any way and I'm sorry if this gives you more work to do but I still thought it best to bring this to your attention 

Adding an edit because I didn't exactly make it clear but the text gets cut off

Can someone please give me some pointers on how to get the scene with Simon? I don’t remember if it’s a blowjob or a handjob or something else but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do but I never know how to trigger it. 

Could you possibly maybe add dresses as an option for the school uniform when you start the process of implementing new clothes? Maybe some strapless bras too? If it’s not too much to ask. 

Is it possible to trigger pregnancy for the girls by engaging in the Unlocked Scenes? Or are there specific events you need to wait for? So far the only pregnancy that has happened is Cream’s and that was when I was making my way through her quests. I’d really appreciate some help here! 

I’d also really appreciate some help with how to trigger the special scene between Choco and Cream! As of right now I have 21 points for Choco and exactly 10 for Cream but have no idea what to do next. 

(1 edit)

How exactly do you engage in prostitution? And how do you trigger *the* scene with the soccer boys? Is *that* scene something you need to use the cheat to achieve or is there a way for it to happen naturally? 

Oh and I’m having trouble finding the train station. Can I please get help with that too? 

By the way I’m really loving the game so far. Especially the customization abilities. It’s amazing. 

Edit: I swear this is my last question but how long does take to find out we’re pregnant? I’m sorry for bothering you with so many questions. 

Where do you even receive the code? I purchased the Comrade tier about an hour ago now but I don’t know where to get it and I’ve checked everywhere I can possibly get it from. 

Can someone please tell me exactly how you customize your own character here? I’m having trouble figuring it out. 

I’ve restarted the game quite a few times and every  time have went through the process of creating the attributes and backstory of the main character and even got to the NPC section that I honestly don’t even understand what is. 

At first I thought the NPC section was there for us to pick a model and life story for the main character and the extra customizations were for us too but apparently that’s not true. I would choose what I thought was just my NPC model then choose the personality type and club and body features (hairstyle and color and chest size and eye color and freckles or moles and accessories and outfit) then I would tap on the check mark and the exist button after that thinking I made my character then go to the clothes shop to find out I only wasted my time. I would really appreciate it if someone explained this to me too. 

Thank you! 

And I’m pretty sure I just made it to that part. Can you please tell me which to not choose so I don’t lose that access? I’m having trouble figuring out which means what. I’d really appreciate it! 

I’m happy I could do something like that for you. And I really hope things are okay for you now. Thank you for taking the time to answer too. <3 

How exactly do you enable cheats? Is that even an actual option as of right now? 

I for one am already very in love with this novel of yours. There are a lot of vibes from The Witcher (games and series) intertwined in every scene and character which makes me love it even more. 

I can’t wait for the release of the first chapter and the complete release of the whole novel. I know it will take a very long time and I understand that but I’m already hooked and very interested so I plan on sticking around to wait for the whole thing no matter how long it takes. 

I do have a question though. With these protagonists and this romance system you plan on eventually introducing to the novel will there be any LGBT+ love interests for either or both girls at all? Just from what I’ve read so far I can personally see Kayli becoming involved with the countess that despises/hates humans and there being an option for her to be turned. 

I wish I could give you money but unfortunately I am unable because I have none to give. Please let me know if there is any other way I can help while I eagerly wait for more updates and releases on your novel. 


I’m really sorry to bother you with this. Especially since you warn against it. But I really have no choice because this is all I have. 

Do you have any recommendations on what to use to access the Android versions? Like an app or something to “unzip” them. 

I’m sorry again! And thank you if you have the time to help me! I’m really looking forward to hopefully playing both of your demos though


I know Android users have come across an issue and are unable to play but I figured out a way around it

For the base game you need to download Voiced. Non-Voiced is the one that’s having issues. Then for ALL Steps you need to download Non-Voiced

Thank you for clearing that up. ♥️ 

Wait so Derek and Baxter are going to be available now and we don’t even need to pay for anything? 

What is the point of your comment exactly? Please explain because I really would love to know. 

If you don’t like the game then delete it and move on with your life. Commenting something stupid like this is completely unnecessary. 

And the fact that you’re saying you want INCEST is disgusting. MC being adopted or not it’s still incest because they were adopted into the family. Please seek out therapy or something. Now I’m kind of worried about the cousins you have too. 

I had no idea a second game was in the making until this very moment. But I can say that I’m very excited now and very sure I’ll fall in love with it the way I did this one. 

I wouldn’t have even known about this second game at all if you hadn’t mentioned it in your reply and attached a link as well. So thank you very much. 

And thank you so much for making this new one also available on Android. Sadly not all games on here like this are available on Android and it’s rather frustrating because they all look so enjoyable. So thank you again. 

What exactly is the plan for the last step? 

I’m aware that Derek and Baxter are going to be made love interests but will Terri and Miranda also be made interests? And is a nonbinary person going to be introduced as an interest as well? 

Since we are asked if we can see ourselves being involved with all three and everything it wouldn’t make sense to not have all three actually possible