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this art style really resembles the one of worlds adrift to me. strange stuff.

*loads online version* me: why not *lag hits* me: HOLY SHI...

now if it had custom vehicles (build cars n' crap) then i would be VERY impressed.

Hey i just wanted to know if it is possible to make custom maps?

goot gem


murray christmas

JUMP GLITCH! have fun flinging yourselves you magnificent maggots!

Ok fine. but what about the ragdoll button? So we can fling ourselves about like little socks?

(please reply or something if you agree so that this may be seen by the owner.)

This isn't really serious but could we have a optional ragdoll button and maybe a map used to test weapons? (OOH maybe add a slide and a pool!) Just for fun.

ok thanks :I

So when i try to make a server it says gametime in the top left and does nothing. HELP

revolvers+1 health+infinite ammo= HIGH NOON

looks great! cant wait to join in :D