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Thanks for letting me know! ;)

I was wondering, are you going to add the ability to record tracked movements onto an avatar? like, press record, move, press stop and then hit play and the avatar does what you have just done, and then export that movement/animation file? thats when this really starts to become useful to me. :D

…. I bought this before I bought Beat Saber.

That all sounds really awesome… i was thinking about tracking on quest the other day… with hand tracking, you could strap the controllers to your feet and gain a kind of full body tracing…

Where do I find the hand tracking option? :)

i have unity installed. ;)

I didn’t realise it was cross buy! would they give me a key at that email address? ;)

Oh! I’m a dancer, and i saw that you have tracking enabled, how do I load my vrm and track my upper body onto my vrm? :) I was also hoping to export the .anime files to be able to use them elsewhere…. Possible? :D


Thanks for the great explanation! I use VRM format already and use vroid and VMC and various other programs! I honestly spent a while looking for the default folders where you have everything, I was expecting the vrm’s and .anime files to be in the Cobb folder for your program! lol

I use FBX also, what formats does ddm currently support and when will BVH become available? :)

Can I also add my own objects etc to use in scene in a similar way to how you describe above?

Thanks so much for taking the time to give such a full explanation! :)

heya! i bought this ages ago... I was wondering if there was a way to drop in my own vrm? :)  Thanks!

Heya... Really great start! I cant see where i can add my own vrm and objects and dance/movement files... any help? :)