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You made a really good short game.

I made a really bad video about it. Hope you like it!

I enjoyed the puzzles in this game so much that I decided to make a video about it. Hope you like it.


This game scare the hell out of me. I like it.

Hope you like the video I made.

Finally, this is what being a shark is all about.

I made a video playing your game

hope you like it.

Long live the shaggy memes

I liked the atmosphere and graphics look nice.

Sorry for skipping the story, I didn't know I had to read the books,  my bad

Pretty much a perfect game. 

I really like your game, great music and definitely a ton of fun.

Sorry for the crappy thumbnail.

Good game, hard as hell. 

I have no idea what your game is about... But I really liked, it creep me out like such few games have done. 

Hope you don't mind me making a terrible video about it. 

I screamed like a little girl. 

Good game. 

I like coffee.

I like games.

Someone makes game about coffee. 

I make shitty video about this game.

Will the person who created this game like my video? 

I really like your game.

It creep the hell out of me.

I made a terrible video about it, hope you like it. 


haha you know it's not! 

No problem man, it is a ton of fun. 

I was legit scared.

I know the thumbnail is crap.