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wouldn't creating load zones help the performance? i suppose you dont need the opposite part of the map loaded at all times, for example. You could divide the maps into regions and only load the ones that are either touching the region that you're currently in or that are within render distance. And in case it breaks any of your scripts, perhaps also the one that has the checkpoint. Really there is no good reason for not doing that.

Cool concept and nice visual effects and generally speaking art, but awful level design and practical execution. 

This game is great, can't wait for the full release
As a Celeste player, i just loved how you implemented the dash and the extended ultra in your game. And the movement was amazing too

Goodluck in the future :)

I liked the game, and to be honest when i first saw the TV slenderman, when going up the stairs to get the tape from "my room" it really got the chills on me.

That being said.... it felt like the end fell a bit short of expectations. It felt rushed and unpolished. The monster knocking on the front door made no sense since it was already in the house.

But on a side note, i really liked the graphics of the game! The controls were a bit awkward, the camera sensitivity being a bit too high for me, at least on Linux and with my configuration

Overall, I'd say it's a 7.3/10. It's a good game, but it clearly lacks some things