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Dimi B

A member registered Jan 24, 2022

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That was amazing and of course it made me cry,beautiful game!

That was the best test horror game i ever played,great job!Can't wait for the full game!

That was fricking amazing,i loved it!!!! Please please make more!!! Great job✨🥳🎉👏🏻

Really enjoyed this one,i hope you make more volumes for Midnight Tales!

This was amazing,i really liked it.I wish there were more games like that,very good job.Can't wait to play the next one!

I really enjoyed this one! Good job!!

I looooved this, every episode keeps getting better!Please don't ever stop making games!!

I looooved this,i want the full game!!!

I really liked this one, i was so creeped out..I can't wait for the full game!!

This is amaaazing,both the DEMO and the prologue had me on edge!!..You have done such a good job,can't wait for the full game!!!!

I had so much fun with it,i'm not able in the slightest to recite anything so it turned into a comedy video,i hope thats ok.Thank you for this game!!

That was amaaazing,i loved it!!..Very good job!!

Super creepy,i loved it!!..I was on the edge the whole time😅

I loved it even though i was getting pretty stressed cause i'm bad at tank controls😅.Can't wait for the next one,very good job!!

Really enjoyed it,i was so creeped out and i really enjoyed the scares!Good job!😊
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That was amaaazing,i loved it.The art is beautiful and i love social media horror stuff!Very good job!!🤗😊

Another great game!...I was so creeped out the whole time😅

This was so much fun,i loved it!!..You did a great job with this game!!

That was so much fun!Loved it!!

This was sooo so good,loved all your games but this one is the best so far,please please keep making more!!

Sooo good,scared the💩out of me!!😅

Amazing game,i loved it..the atmosphere,the sounds,everything!!..Very good job!!

That was AMAZING!!!..I love your games so much,keep it up!!!!😊

This was pretty uncomfortable,please make more!😅

Very nice game,wish it was longer!!

Really liked this game,loved the atmosphere and the jumpscares where so good!!...I tried to get all the endings,got 3 and i thought i got all of them but when i looked it up i saw there was one more😅

I really liked this game,even more than Melissa and i really enjoyed all the new stuff that it had.I wasn't expecting the turn the story had,thought it was gonna be like the previous one and i'm glad i was wrong!I can't wait for the third one!!

Really nice game,i enjoyed it a lot!Totally got me in the mood for Christmas😂

Whatever i say about this game it won't be enough.I loved the sounds,the plot,the atmosphere,this was so well done!It exceeded my expectations by far!Hope you make more games like that!

Ohhh nice,can't wait!😁

That was pretty fun to play,i really liked it!

This was so creepy,i loved it!!

Really really liked this game,the story,the scares,the sounds,everything!! Very good job!!😊Please make more!

That was so good and so scary,i really really liked it!!

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Very good game once again!..I really enjoyed the voice acting,hope we can see that in more games!

Amazing game,really liked the atmosphere and the graphics and i'm very curious about the story..can't wait for the full game to come out!!

Loved this one.The atmosphere,the sound,it felt so realistic.The ending got me so bad i couldn't even scream😅

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Such a good game,i really liked it.The sounds where amazing and so creepy!

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This was freaking amazing!!..i loved this game so much.I was in awe that you could actually talk and the game understands you and i had so much fun with it.Please please please make more games like that,amazing job,thank you so much for this game!!!!💜