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I ate the universe but am still hungry

me: "why is the pink donkey wearing a hat?"

judge: "no."

playing as famine. what a cool idea!

no problem. hope you enjoyed the jam!

love this. the music, palette, wavy clouds in the background. really cool style


right, my bad, I posted the theme about an hour late
sure you can post your game

this is an unranked jam, so that's not really a problem

best part is standing on a zombie's head and beating it with the crowbar

also cool metal soundtrack

hi, you forgot to upload the actual game file 

can't touch this ageless classic

but with MC grooving like that, you got pretty close

nice! the classic game from a new angle

I even got a special 'betris' brick

certainly, feel free to take it in any direction you want

I got to the sofa and it broke me

use this link to submit

I'm also unable to push the boulder at all

tripping in candy land. basically, best job ever.

I'd love a bigger map so I could drive around for a while  without falling off the edges

this has such a cool style

unfortunately it crashes once I hit 'new game'

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oh god, when you lose you turn into poop!

very cool! the game conveys a pretty convincing working environment. loved the little coffee corner and smoking area (best part of any job honestly). clever combination of a typing game with rpg  elements.  unique.


you'll need to upload your game to itch and send me the link, then I'll generate a special link for late submissions

that's the spirit

you found a glitch in the poop matrix!

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that's a clever use of physics

just wondering, do I get a paycheck if I play long enough?

so you get to smoke and shoot guns. sounds like a great job to me!

ah yes. we've all been there

great game! I love the jungle atmosphere, the monkey sounds, and the way the monkeys move in a sort of taunting dance.

fun gameplay too. keeps your mind off how gross the whole thing is

yes. you may even use all of them at once


I keep expecting a jumpscare because of the theme, but so far everything is cute

level 4 is the number 10



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very cool. crystallized essence of the theme

makes me wish life was sliced up into 10 second chunks


their facial expression are priceless

really cool and original. i can see this game expanded with more weapons, levels and enemies. also found the *clank* sound when getting hit quite satisfying.

awesome! I thought the description was a joke, but there were actually baddies coming at me with knives. 

also, the slowdown during aiming is a nice touch. nicely done