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You should also be able to launch the game by right-clicking on the app in Finder and selecting Open from the context menu.

When the game saves to EasyFlash, the U64 only writes that into RAM, to save this across power cycles, you have to manually save it back to the SD in the U64 menu. So overall, saving to disk is probably more convenient on the U64. (This is a limitation of the U64 EasyFlash support and also applies to other EasyFlash titles when played on the U64.)

The tapes/CDs have been sold out for months now. Do you have any estimate when the game will be available digitally?

I just gave the game a quick test on real hardware accelerators, and it works flawlessly on SuperCPU, Ultimate 64, and Turbo Chameleon.

Thanks for the great game and wide hardware support.

Thank you for this great game. I've just finished my second play through, and I'm afraid I've seen all story lines it has to offer.

I had a great time and I will miss them dearly and hope to see them all again in a possible DLC.

Any hints? I can't see how to complete it, either.

Thank you for another great puzzle/action platformer. Your games are always a great joy. unfortunately, this one is a bit short, I would have liked to play more levels.

I played the first level and was intrigued. I would like to play the whole series, but I'm not sure which order to play them in. What would you suggest?