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beautiful... <3

So I updated the game this morning, and realized after loading it up just now that I've lost all my leaderboard, scores etc. Which is, of course, rather annoying. I was also unable to exit the game, even after using the /exit key :(

Please address this leaderboard issue :) Thanks!

So I've been having a couple of great characters in FARA, however the leaderboard quickly gets saturated with caracters that have a score of 0. Maybe it would be interesting to have a shortcut where you can "forget" about a character. (This is one of the best games I've played in a while, by the way, bravo).

pre pre pre pre pre alpha indeed :/ is that the logo from Transmogrify or is my computer just glitching?


Don't ask a question if it's to not listen to the reasonable answer. you can't use copyrighted art for your own published games.

— dáel

Really cool game, the idea is innovative and the gameplay is smooth and the little quirks in the controls don't hinder the experience in my opinion.

thanks for sharing this :)

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dedication to one's craft indeed. cool job :)

the art is, well, sublime. is the the pure medium from which to draw the sublime?

a true poem and even an ode (elegy?) to thought, philosophy, and the destruction caused by perfection.

likely my favorite game on itch to this day.


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I love the way every element (the unfolding, the gameplay, the graphics) follows the principles of haiku. The colors are wonderful, and although I'm not especially crazy about the diamonds, the ravens are magnificent. They look drawn with ink, and it gives by itself a style to the game. congrats! I love it :D the aesthetic is truly magnificent ;)