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Not enough time, +1 more hour to get chores done should be good.

I played your game. Silly short fun. Good luck with your other projects.(:

The visuals are great. Good luck(:

haha, it's so simple and silly, but fun. Good luck on your next projects.

Hey, I played your game. I assume it's one of your first games. Good luck on your game-making journey. :)

hey, haven't played the game, but the trailer looks pretty good. I have a quick question: was it inspired by undertale?

hey, neat little game here, but it would be better if the builder was on the bottom of the screen and maybe a little more space between the lines of falling bricks.

Hello, WallaceLovecraft, and thank you for playing my game! Tutorial text color changed to white :)

Awesome! Continue the good work :)