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Hello! I tried to save it then load, It works now. Thanks for the for the tip!<3 

Alright! Here's the link although the public version has some bugs in it

Hullo! It was posted publicly on Joiplay's Patreon :) 

Yeah tapping the screen doesn't let me continue it, Thank you for your response tho! I'll be waiting for the android version then, Hope y'all have a great holiday:)

After assigning the class! It gets stuck right in the middle of transition, I tried doing different scenes leading up to this but it still ends up as is

Hello! I can't seem to get past week 0 during the training options. Joiplay updated the app so I'm playing this on mobile, Not sure if it's the game or app that's bugging :( 

I love the game tho so far! Immediately got hooked to it, The soundtrack, Art style and all that ksbfworie ♥️