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The walls of the level are a bit unclear which makes it hard to see corners (maybe give an indication of where the exit is). It would be cool to add different platforms (like a double jump or superjump platform)

Really cool environments! It kind of feels like it has all the elements for a puzzle game, but it kind of lacks puzzles, maybe add a goal to the game or a way to make the exploring a bit more challenging.

Cool concept, I really like the fact that you create your own enemies/demise. Maybe give a slight hint of where to go (like a general indicator). Sometimes a situation exists where you can't pass a passage because there is a light orb  bouncing up and down without getting hit. Maybe try to make it so you can kill an orb with another orb?

The atmosphere is really nice! I am not really sure what the goal of the game is though, maybe focus a bit more on adding interaction (perhaps an enemy or dark presence?)

Not sure how the theme fits yet. Also the cards don't seem to do anything yet. Try to focus on a small challenge/mechanic first and add complexity later.

Cool effects! Try to add a goal to the game and also make the goal and controls clear to the player. What kind of gameplay can you make with these effects? A switch between worlds perhaps, or finding something in one world which you need in the other?

Very nice concept! Feedback for the timer would be nice, or change the color of being inactive opposed to being active. A level with multiple solution paths could be interesting as well. Or even a pickup to get a little bit of extra time by "freezing" the one second.

Thanks man! Really cool you liked it :D