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This is such a beautiful and refreshing read. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely zine!

I love this game's tutorial, and I love the game itself. While looking for tricks and easter eggs, I accidentally killed half a dozen puggos. RIP little buddies.

I really appreciate this game's dark humor, and I love every ending. I kept playing to see just how horrible Lily's world could be under the surface, and I was not disappointed.

The pixel graphics are lovely, and the nods to early 2000s grunge culture gave me a warm sense of nostalgia. The music totally got stuck in my head, and I've been listening to the album on Bandcamp on loop for the past few days. Thank you for this treasure! I would have felt like the coolest person on the planet if I'd played this on Game Boy as a kid.

I really enjoyed the turn this game took. And how could I say "no" when they asked so nicely? Now I'm really curious about where those coordinates lead...

I really enjoyed this creepy little game. The character designs are a lot of fun, and it's fantastic how much story fit into just a few lines of dialog. It's always good to get to know your neighbors!

This game is amazing! The writing is brilliant, and the choices of font and music are perfect. I also very much appreciate that you can name your hen! I love the small touches of humor just as much as I love the creepy imagery, and the slowly creeping sense of dread is fantastic. I'm a big fan of botanical horror to begin with, and one might say this story grew on me quickly.

It's not frustrating at all. I'm slowly making progress and really enjoying myself in the process. I love the art style, and it feels like such a victory to be able to see more of the game!

I'm bad at platforming, especially when playing with a keyboard, but I still keep coming back to this game every few days to make another attempt. The gameplay is simple but addictive, and I love the art and music!

At least the marshmallows aren't covered in the chocolate I made in my pants when the twist was revealed. What a horrible little game, I love it!

Thank you so much for sharing this thing you used to be scared of as a child. Now I am scared of this thing as an adult! I got some serious chills, thank you.

I love this zine so much! The art is fantastic, and I can't wait to dig into all the stories. Every page is an adventure! I'm also a big fan of the digital extras, and I'm blown away by how much talent and creativity went into this project.

What an absolutely beautiful game! It's just the perfect length, and I really enjoyed the exploration elements. I was delighted when I realized that you can water the single square of roots in front of a cave in order to discover a secret spring. This moment of discovery gave me a spark of excitement that reminded me of exploring Hyrule for the first time, but Deep Forest has its own unique style and flavor that I adore. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful gem of a game!

I really enjoyed this game, especially the creature designs and dialog. I think the lack of music is kind of nice, actually. It creates an environment reminiscent of a silent forest blanketed by snow so heavy that it muffles all sound. I played a few times and made different choices to try to get a different ending, but alas. I wonder if there's a way for this poor kid to make it out of the forest...?

I really enjoyed this game! It was super fun to discover the various nightmare scenarios at each of the dead ends, and I appreciate that the game keeps track of them for you to help minimize frustration. The gritty lo-fi pixel art is fantastic, especially for the three closing screens. 

I tried to be a good person the first time I played, and I wasn't too terribly surprised by the ending. Then, when I played it again and made the most evil choices possible... I mean, I shouldn't have been surprised by what happened, but it still hit hard. Now I kind of want to play it a third time to see what happens if you don't use the bathroom. What a cool game! And l love the music!!

As someone who grew up in the rural Deep South, this game resonated with me at a profound level. I love the pixel art, and I love the character portraits, and I love the ending.

What an interesting and powerful game! Even though it doesn't happen in the way I would have hoped, I'm glad Michelle eventually gets to be free at the end. And now that she's single, maybe she can date one of those demons...?

I love the lo-fi vibe of this game, which fits the world and theme perfectly. The monster designs are fantastic and super creepy!