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damn lol if only I could lend you my hardware or borrow your know how 馃ぃ. I'm at 200 layers 400x400 right now takes awhile but produces some gorgeous stuff. Maybe I'll make some money soon and we can work on your video card lol.

This picture is all done through your apps (clip and than ran through real app. and further upscaled to 2400脳2400 through separate editing. 

I'm wondering if the coming update might have models that include more faces and animals might be incoming.

I generate some awesome stuff on the patreon version and than it tries to add a face and ruins everything lol. 

Currently running 120 layers on Kornia at 400 pixels 700 interations per seed. Was at 1500 but even letting it go that far we never quite got there with faces and dolphins. Everything else is finished by 500 iterations.