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Digital Calavera

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I like the way you think. I'll check you game ASAP. ¡Good work!

I test it on 64-bit linux (manjaro) and works perfect

The game looks simple but the idea is cool, or at least I think the abstraction of the anxiety is cool

I love the dynamic difficulty between levels and I'm definitely going to buy the full version if it´s going to be available on

It was difficult although I only managed to get a -1 score. It's really difficult!

If I missed some block when my score is 0 the score increases, it seems like the game doesn't show negatives scores and I don't know if that's intentional. Anyway, the game is simple and fun and I like it

I finally beat the demo (yei!) and I´m enyoing this game more and more. I also have some feedback:

1) The graphic style is awesome!

2) The combat is fluid

3) I like the level design (at least the few secenarios of the demo) and the interection tha some upgrades (or habilities) offer

4) I´m still having problems with the diagonal hooking, I don't know if this is going to be fixed but if not maybe I would suggest the elimination of that game mechanic

5)The Red Knight is easy to stuck in a corner if I start the attack, I dont know if you already knew it

I can´t wait to play the next demo :)

I would prefer to move faster. Anyway, this is an interesting idea.

Good idea ;)

I love the idea. I hipe you can expand the game in the near future :)

Considering the scope of the game, I think is good. Nice work!

Maybe it's not the most polished game but I like the concept. Good work!

I like the idea! Are you going to add more things to the game or it was just one time prototype?

I like te idea.

Very good tribute to Downwell and still you have some tricks.

Too short for some people but with a powerful message/intention

Best 5 minutes of my day. I´m interested in this game.

I love the game too and I agreed with the difficulty being a bit too hard. But that makes me remember the old days. Good work

Even if the game is not complete. I loke thec concept. Im going to follow it.

Hi. The game crash in my laptop. ¿Any way I can sent you the crash report?