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A member registered Apr 23, 2020

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Never got to drink my water

Worst job ever

What was that ending lol 

This game broke my heart

Wasn't a bad game but yeah I couldn't see what was going on most of the time 

I would love to see a more fleshed out version

I absolutely loved this game and I can't wait for what's next

I want a Part 3

I absolutely loved how silly this game was 

Hammer Time! 

Thank you 

Brief playthrough of the beginning of the game 

Really makes you feel like you're off your meds 

I would absolutely love a longer version of this game 

I don't want to go down the slide anymore :(

How did you even think of something like this? 

Really cool experience 

This game has made me realize that I might be slowly losing my sanity 

Game made me question myself a little bit. Mhin is...well

The jump scares were a little excessive but overall I thought it was a good game 

Looking forward to checking out Paper Lily next 

Looking forward to fighting Mothra in the sequel 

It ended abruptly but I really want more! 

Genuinely creepy and well done 

I underestimated how stressful this game was going to be 

Really enjoyed it! 

Great Experience! 

Excited for the full game 

Really enjoyed it and can't wait to check out the sequel

Please give me more! 

The alien invasion was so cool to watch. Thank you for not having really loud jump scares too! 

Matt is a bro 

I wonder where he went 

Had some issues with the zombies at the end but I enjoyed it overall

Everything before the end was absolutely incredible. I'm really excited to see what you do next. 


Good buildup but I felt like the ending was a little lackluster. 

Incredible atmosphere and created some excellent tension. I hated the jump scare but that's a personal thing. Definitely excited for your next projects! 


I wish I could have turned down the filter and adjusted the POV a little bit but other than that not too bad. The monster clipping through the bed kinda ruined the scare for me though.