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WOW! I have no idea why but it gave me so many antichamber vibes, and the intro and outro were stellar! the island bit made me laugh a little and it was a wholey unique experience... amazing work!!

Fun quick and easy game, the art and the music mesh very well, though I wish there were more layers.

Awesome music

Recycle bin easter egg is cool

I tried walking into the door 5-10 times and nothing happened. A sound effect played each time though.

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Finally another Godot game! Plot is pretty interesting, but the long transitions were annoying. Art is beautiful and fits the theme of the game, font could be better.

Screen was just black for me

Cool concept and nice GUI, seems like after a certain point I can just constantly buy bots then gain infinite followers

I tried playing it but couldn't get out of the locked door

Cool game, would be nice to see some more interaction between the two players though.

Well designed puzzle game, good work!

Interesting mechanic with a well tuned difficulty spike, nice job! Would be nice as some sort of infinite runner game.

Nice art, and a well created game with some polish!

We originally wanted the game to be about conversation with another explorer who's at the surface using radar to guide you, hence the single player coop, but that had to be cut from the game to save time for its core mechanics.

Amazing submission

Nice visuals with a cool ending screen, good work!

Very fun game, interesting to play! The two things needed to finish it are a method to restart without randomizing the level and a satisfying win screen.

We used the Godot Game Engine, project source is here: