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what the fuck did I just play...

I think I'm on the weird side of the internet again.

Thanks :) I would love to see this become a fully fledged game with alot more encounters and possibly a rebirth system (So once you complete a planet you get to move on to another planet in space and depending on your actions on your previous planets depends on what happens on the new one, like if you decided idk that you would blow up another planet on your first play through then lets say randomly on a play through after that you might find the remains of the planet or something) anyway just keep doing what your doing because it's working :)

Great Game! I just had 2 questions,

1. Does the dungeon eventually end or can you just go until you physically can't go any further (because of a lack of upgrades).

2. What formula do you use to work out how much health is lost when Derek goes into the dungeon? (example: Jerks*5-strength=lost health)