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I absolutely loved the weirdness of the game. This one is a breath of fresh air. The thing that most surprised me was that Walter didn't go out guns (or more accurately - gun) blazing.

Pretty cool game. I think that it could be great if you expand it a bit more. Maybe add more scares and something to add a sense of urgency.

This game is just the right combination of scary, weird and WTF. I truly enjoyed playing it and I can't wait to figure out all the endings and puzzles.

I'll give it another go then.

Truly an amazing game. The little guy gets stuck easily but other than that it was superb. I was on edge the entire time.

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This game is a great example that in order for a game to be scary it doesn't have to rely on amazing graphics. Truly enjoyed the game. 

I'll be sure to check it out once it comes out :)

Great game. One thing I was wondering is whether or not there are more than two ending?

The game is pretty cool, but I think that too much is left to the imagination. Maybe you can expand on it a bit. I think it has great potential. 

Awesome game. Too bad the enemy team surrendered.

Of course. I'd love to see more of your work.

Very impressed by your game. I had goosebumps almost through the entire game. Would love to see more of your work.

Tbh I was expecting just another pixelated horror game. And boy was I surprised by the quality of your project. I can't wait to see where you take the story, because I have so many unanswered questions after playing the game. Cheers!

Cool game. Have you thought about expanding on the story a bit. Answering questions like - Where did the book come from? How did the grandfather get it and so on?

Pretty cool game. Would love to see more from you.

You've peaked my interest.

I love games with mannequins. There's just something creepy about them. I just have one question. Why did she throw me in that hole?

Awesome game. I didn't expect  the quality to be so good. You definitely  got me excited for the full one.

I was so pleasantly surprised by this game. The jumpscares were a bit iffy but everything else was perfect.

Great game, would love to know what the good ending is.

You just have to get to that point before the monster does. I experienced this in my playthrough. If he gets to that point, you're kind of screwed.

The second one was even better (although it was lacking a bit in scares). Can't wait for the third one.

Great game. But so many unanswered question s. Would love to see more of it.

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Great first chapter. 

Awesome game. I experienced one bug - inside the light house I got stuck in the hammock for 10 or 20 seconds.

I truly enjoyed the game. I hate mannequins so much and I was really glad that the character in the game also felt that way. The idea of something moving when you're not looking is always creepy. It reminds me of the weeping angels from "Doctor Who". Those were one of the nastiest creatures in there. Congrats for the game and I would love to see more from you. Cheers. 

Cool game, especially

when you've made it in only 3 days.

Pretty cool game. I would love to you expand on that story. 

The whole time I played that game, I was like "WTF is going on here". Really a crazy experience.

Great game. Really enjoyed it and would love to find out WTF is the deal with that baby. Is it the spawn of satan or something?

I think that this game has a lot of potential and I'm really excited for the full version. I wish you luck with the project and hope that you're all staying safe.

Amazing game with very good graphics and concept. The monster kill screen and animation was a bit iffy but everything else was perfect. 

Truly awesome game about one of the creepiest things a person can experience. Definitely a must play.

Can't wait. Do you have a time frame or it's still unknown?

Awesome short game. Really enjoyed that one. 

A truly horrifying experience. Strongly recommend to anyone who is a fan of psychological horrors. 

A great short horror game. I was totally expecting what happened, but it was still scary as f*ck. Great job. Would love to see more of it.

Very creepy atmosphere and the idea is awesome. Was spooked the whole time I played this game.