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What is the song on the title screen its so familiar 

Oh my god we r so back

A the end of the game there's a typo, should say "then fuck it" not "than". great game though

one of the most anxious experiences ive had in a game

imagine shaving ur sideburns and being denied access into ur home country 

both the lovers are gone but alas they will be together in the afterlife

I have a storyline in production that will be turned into a visual novel in the near future and I'm wanting to incorporate the point and click freedom this game has like the apartment environment and PC. What engine/s were used to make this?

[P.S haven't been able to put this game down in days. Keep up the good work!]

was so insanely excited to play this but the video guides at the beginning refuse to load/play no matter what. so for now i will have to abandon

If you make a game in english you should have some english first language play testers to make sure its perfect, english is hard and annoying there's a lot of errors here, great other than that keep it up !

microwave does nothing, put everything i could in there both at once and one at a time, watched both tapes. Played the game twice and nothing happened :/

love me some classic jumpscares babyyyyy

the humor in ur games is unmatched fr

really liked this but the motion blur is pure AIDS and made it torturous at times

fuster clucks is super broken, respawn with the carrols either has them frozen or spawns you in the kitchen area with no way to get back in the freezer other than main menu

np :D

this is the first itch game that actually has replay value lol, love this 

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kk just letting you know ! enjoyed this game thoroughly :)

drawers under the tv 

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idk if the monkey coming back multiple times after the first rewind is intentional or a bug


idk colors made me nauseous pretty laggy especially in full screen

a sweet treat

by far one of the best horror games ive ever played from itch

i love when you can see the monster/attacker get closer and closer throughout games like this one it makes the experience so much better opposed to just getting attacked or having someone randomly pop up

idk maybe the character couldve been like 13 or smth the dialogue is so out of place lol

i may be stupid i tried to interact w the key and it didnt work at first so i just ventured into the woods oopsiessssss

Fell off the edge of the map before i could find anything in the game after the house lmfao

why include a subclass just to fuck over the player by never providing one besides the first creature ? became tedious and annoying, just dying over and over again for no reason besides not being given the data needed to succeed. other than that great mechanics and concept i liked

awesome unique way of story telling w a mechanic ive never seen before, wish there was a more impactful ending, great job !

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great storytelling !

controls are terrible can barely play couldnt even get the contents of the scoop in the machine no matter what i do tried to play 4 times

you can probably click something that says read more/show more/more info and itll give you a run anyways button

i havent wanted to play this game for a while bc the baby looked corny to me but holy shit this is so well made and fun rated 5/5

excited for the sequel !

2 and 3 seem like skill issue to me lolz

hold up this only the prototype ??? the real game gonna have me shitting my pants

insane best quality game ive played on this site

cant wait for the full version !

my stupid ass got the secret ending before i got the third one lul