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Ahh okay I see, though best of luck.

I can see where you were trying to go with this game. But I think the shard mechanic could definitely use some tweaking. With the aiming and I suppose keeping the character under player control. But overall, the game is designed well. The artsyle is really pleasing and the sound design is great. Like Mark says, this has potensch.

This is the worst best game I have ever played. 420/69

Like the gameplay idea a lot. I believe the transition to the slash scene should be done a little bit faster as you have to wait a bit longer than I think you should. Love the title art, background is well designed, and the music fits well with the gameplay. Good job.

This was quite the fun game to play! Love the dialogue and gameplay mechanic a lot. Additionally, the visual style is cool yet fitting. Pat yourself on the back.

I can see what the team was trying to do, but I think the flashlight should move more rapidly with the mouse in order to ensure you won't get killed by a monster out of nowhere. Though, I can see this having potential to have some well constructed scary and frightening moments.

Digging the artstyle a lot! The theater concept is a nice addition, and with the gameplay revolving around adding in scenes in one setting and having it close when you die fits very well with the style. Some music would definitely have elevated it a bit to make the scenary more immersive. But altogether, pretty noice.

Interesting premise I must say. The gameplay has a nice methodical feel to it in the sense that you cannot really rush through the obstacles and must time your jumps well in order to not hit the front. I think the button mapping is a bit weird, having A move right and D move left, since one would instinctively think to press A to go left and vise versa. Overall, this is an interesting game with an unique gameplay design that will surely stand out from the crowd. 

Well made game! The presentation is well done, the sound effects are on point and the game is easy to get into. My only complaint I suppose would be that the paddle is a bit on the speedy side. But even then, it is something that can be easily adjusted to after some time. I could see this getting a mention from Mark Brown.