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Cool game!

Had alot of trouble connecting the music to the mechanics though- I think the platforms rise and fall based on it, but tbh I mostly just cheesed my way through the level with double jump.

Also the game feels a bit anti-climactic- you master the platforming mechanic and then the game just ends!

Hey!  Cool game.
A couple points of feedback:

Its really really difficult to find good situations to cast the beams in- usually standing still for so long kills me.

Its also pretty difficult to tell if im doing the beam inputs corrrectly or not.  Well I suppose eventually you either get a beam or dont, but I think itd be nice if there was more immediate visual feedback on your ability to conform to the rhythm.  Ditto for reloading (though reloading is closer- it does tell you pretty quickly that you got it wrong).  In general im a bit confused about what 'on beat' means- quarter notes?  whole notes?  Itd be cool to have some pulsing UI element that showed you when the beat was on and off.