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Really great game, just got it on gog too (thanks for releasing there). I only have one issue, and it's some stutter/slowdown, no matter which of the graphic options i tweak. Could you help with this? maybe addeing an option to reduce particles or the 3d effect the platforms have below them?

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Hello, congrats on gog release, bought it right away, but i have one probem/bug. Despite getting stars, no new girls unlock, i only have available the first three characters.

Edit: i'm dumb, just discovered you have to 'try' to play a locked character to unlock iy wit stars, now it makes sense they had such low numbers

Also as a side question, is the game finished or is there any possibility for future content updates? Also an even harder mode after completing the current three difficulties would be really cool

Overall a rally great fantroll creator with lots of options, would be nice if we could add content, but i guess that can difficult to implement for users to easily add things (idk how gamemaker works). 

But at least i can edit them with other programs like paint (used it to add a beauty mark and merge the long jacket and hoodie clothes, for example, as well as editing colors of things like the inner parts of clothing). 

Would be nice to also have more normal options for horns, like stubby ones like karkat or nepeta's (maybe i just passed them too quickly while looking for them).

Thank you very much for answering so quickly.  I'll start messing with the program once i have time this summer after my finals.

Also apart from having manual, by the screencaps it already looks very intuitive to use :)

Hello, i'd like to ask if there's a way to add manuals to games the same way you can add covers and backgrounds, to read the pdf/jpg or WE from the frontend. (i wanted to ask this as a comment but i can only find the create post option).

As a side question, is there a difference between the free and the paid version?

I'd like to know this too to buy it on the same platform i have the game

Thank you very much for your fast reply

Does the game have no .ico file? Just a nitpick on  this awesome game, but the blank desktop shortcut is a little bit ugly