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You're the second person to request folders, so I guess I'll look into that when I have time.

I don't currently have plans to add more features, as I would like to focus on new projects, but I might consider it. To support more font sizes someone would have to make versions of the font at those sizes, and I don't have the artistic ability to do that or the money to pay someone else to do it, so I'm not sure about that one.

If you press right and go to the end, pressing left should take you back to your position (unless you've scrolled up after going to the end). Same thing for going to the beginning. I seem to have forgotten to mention that in the README. It never occurred to me that there might be a problem with accidentally pressing left or right, but I could see about adding a setting to turn it off.

This could be one of two things. Either you sideloaded via the website, which for some reason makes the folder be called something other than what I've specified, but it should still have "PocketReader" at the end of the name. Or it's that data folders aren't created until they are needed, so you can try opening the app once and it should create the folder.

First you need to go to the location where you have the Playdate SDK installed, this will vary depending on operating system. Then go to Disk/Data/net.diefonk.PocketReader/ and put your files in there.

You'll need to unzip the archive and transfer each game individually. Unless you're already doing that, in which case I'm not sure what the problem could be.

Thanks! I'll make sure to check that out.


Thanks! I think I pretty much did the puzzles I could with the mechanics I made, but maybe I'll do something more with this some day.

And yeah, changing the line thickness does nothing for gameplay, it's purely there as a graphical preference.

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I decided to google "some ethereal bullshit", and I can't say I'm disappointed.