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Die KLinge

A member registered Jan 22, 2023

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ok i was about to say that i like it, but the ending changed my opinion now its just decent.

Thx to the youtube ads i didnt get rickrolled at least. 

But the boss is rly buggy, the damage done to it stays through the deaths.

the end is a lie, just head left after the power beam


it was nice...

but you can beat the whole game without buying it. As soon if you have the bigger laser before the "end" of the demo go back to the left and shoot the blocks there follow this path and you wont get a end of demo screen. So good luck beating the game

Also theres a safespot at the second boss...

It was fun. But pls @Ben James if you want to make this only a demo. Just put the end of demo screen after the first laser upgrade.

nvm I got it

Does any of you guys know where the right half is?

This is so amazing. Has an relativley good length, plays kinda smooth. The player looks like hornet (from hollow knight(you should definitley play it. its so worth)) and sry for my bad spelling i am german not english. But hey one of the best games on itch i have found so far.

love it. really feels like the Ato metroidvania. Would be really cool to see this bigger in the future :D

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Am happy with the paradox ending :D and i dont even know how i got there.

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actually not. setup was gravity boost and second term. But maybe its because of the web version? And it then crashed as soon as i used gravity.

Really good game and all. Even though i think i found a bug.But the game crashed after i fought one of the moons. And when i spammed Sacebar to move quickly to the next Moon Fight it just turned Blackscreen. Music is working and its still the space fight theme. But"R"aka. reset doesnt work. Would be cool if this could get fixed.

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Can someone pls explain to me how to get past this room? Have all the abilities btw. (post-jam Version)

Thx in advance :D 

You can jump under the spikes with two jumps to the left with the 3rd jump you can reach then the flag :)