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Will the physical version be on Kickstarter? Will there be any discount for those who already purchased the game here? Any additional content expected for the physical version?

I.e. I wonder if I should buy now, or wait... At least buying now might help you guys with the algorithm and stuff?

This looks AWESOME!

How long is the game? Any Hot Dog The Movie references? Any plans to release a physical version?

Wait... what? Yay! So I'll try that one as well, then!

This is some high-quality stuff. Keep up the good work!

Oh, and Happy Halloween!

Such a shame this seems to have been abandoned. It had so much potential.

That's the spooky part.

Awesome, thank you!

p.s. Good luck on your kickstarter campaign!

I'm intrigued. May I ask how long are the lessons in total?

Hi! Your game lists "Linux" but there's only a .exe in the provided zip files.


Was this made with Godot 4? Meaning that you will update/have a new awesome course on Youtube?

Thank you for your hard work.


All three versions of GB Studio (flathub, app image, and deb) crash as soon as it launches on my Linux Mint machine. I can only see a GB Studio window open for 1 second before it crashes.

Hi! Any chance you might offer an + steam key? combo for a special price?

Found it at 0:06!

I agree with other comments. It's crazy to think FamiStudio can push the limits of what the NES's APU can do that far.

And kudos to you for coming up with such a unique, yet memorable tune. Please add it to the demos included with FamiStudio for the next version.


Silly question, but where can I find that "Noise & Sine Wave" song everyone is referring to in the comments of your trailer video?

Amazing, amazing work.

Was the original version made in AGI Studio and remade in Godot using your RVX framework? Or is there a way to easily have AGI projects support RVX?

Sure! Let me rephrase that: I'm excited for the eventual release!

Can't wait for the release!

I would also like to cast my vote for a Linux build. Hopefully, someone with the necessary knowledge will step up to the task.

So far, I tried running it using Proton, and got a white screen. I also followed the Linux.txt instructions, to no avail (it gives me a few errors when compiling).

Nice little platformer with cute sprites.

Would love to see a Linux build (just an option away when exporting a GameMaker Studio 2 project).

That game was a blast!

It'd be nice to have a native Linux version for Christmas!

Great game!

Making a Linux release (now possible with Game Maker 2) would be nice.

BleuBleu, or "the Unstoppable".

Seriously, man. Great job!

Thank you for that short game. Merry Christmas.


Amazing work!

You might want to consider uploading short one-topic how-to videos on Youtube in order to gather more views, which in turn, would allow more people to discover your still-criminally-unknown software.


Alright! This is so exciting! Thank you so much for listening to your fans.

Hello. Does the game come with a Steam key as well?

I found a bug: when changing the controller's mode to "noob", I can start a conversation with someone using B, but then I need to press A to go to the next sentence.

Is there anyway to reverse the colors? The game would look even better and it would give a break to my poor little eyes.

If you decide to make a  Christmas DLC that puts back all the Christmas stuff, please let me know.

Fun little game.

Thank you for your constant hard work.

Well made environment and atmosphere. I wish there was some kind of message when we collect all 4 cauldrons, though.

Call the fire department! The man is on fire!

Thank you for the update!

GDS2 and DD still lack a proper video tutorial series, so your main target customers are still left out. Please consider producing a step-by-step tutorial series on Youtube. This would also have the advantage of increasing your visibility.

p.s. Also please check your SPAM folder, as I sent you an e-mail about various bugs and small improvements and never got an answer back.

Mr. Radmatt,

I think it would greatly benefit your customers if you could create some video tutorials for GDS2 and DD. Reading the documentation and tinkering with the provided example is not sufficient for less Godot-savvy people to get started.

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