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That game was a blast!

It'd be nice to have a native Linux version for Christmas!

Great game!

Making a Linux release (now possible with Game Maker 2) would be nice.

BleuBleu, or "the Unstoppable".

Seriously, man. Great job!

Thank you for that short game. Merry Christmas.


Amazing work!

You might want to consider uploading short one-topic how-to videos on Youtube in order to gather more views, which in turn, would allow more people to discover your still-criminally-unknown software.


Alright! This is so exciting! Thank you so much for listening to your fans.

Hello. Does the game come with a Steam key as well?

I found a bug: when changing the controller's mode to "noob", I can start a conversation with someone using B, but then I need to press A to go to the next sentence.

Is there anyway to reverse the colors? The game would look even better and it would give a break to my poor little eyes.

If you decide to make a  Christmas DLC that puts back all the Christmas stuff, please let me know.

Fun little game.

Thank you for your constant hard work.

Well made environment and atmosphere. I wish there was some kind of message when we collect all 4 cauldrons, though.

Call the fire department! The man is on fire!

Thank you for the update!

GDS2 and DD still lack a proper video tutorial series, so your main target customers are still left out. Please consider producing a step-by-step tutorial series on Youtube. This would also have the advantage of increasing your visibility.

p.s. Also please check your SPAM folder, as I sent you an e-mail about various bugs and small improvements and never got an answer back.

Mr. Radmatt,

I think it would greatly benefit your customers if you could create some video tutorials for GDS2 and DD. Reading the documentation and tinkering with the provided example is not sufficient for less Godot-savvy people to get started.

Search for GZDoomOpenVR

I'd like to help out, so I'll send you an e-mail right away.

Wow, thank you so much! I'll check it out and report back if there are any problems.


Win3.1 theme... nice touch!

So far, lacia is my favorite.

Hello, sorry for the n00bs question, but how exactly does one change the theme to dark mode?

Woah, thanks for the Ubuntu screenshot. It really give me hope. that I'll be able to use your software soon. Hopefully, someone with more knowledge and experience can make themselves known here and help you out. It did with Pixelbox almost immediately, so I'm keeping my hopes up!

FamiStudio community · Created a new topic Linux build

Hello, I would like to cast my vote in favor of a Linux build.

What was used to make FamiStudio will dictate the amount of work necessary for a Linux build. Maybe BleuBleu can shed a light on this?

I know this is still early, but I am really excited about Pixelbox. I've just finished reading the first beginner tutorial, and I felt a bit like in that episode of South Park (Asspen) when they take away your lobster just as you started tasting it.

I know Mr. Stoquer must be really busy with the launch and all the sudden interest his Pixelbox has gotten over the last few days, so I would like to ask members of the community who already have enough knowledge if they could also create their own guides, video tutorials and the like.


It works, thank you!

I get this:

./pixelbox: line 1: version: command not found
./pixelbox: line 2: oid: command not found
size: '116377064': No such file

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My God, is it Christmas already?

Thank you so much Mr. Stoquer for taking the time to do this. I'll let more qualified people advise you on the distribution, though. I wonder if it's going to be portable.

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Please make a Linux version. Your software is already free and open-source. The last step is to make it available to a free and open-source OS. As hackaholic5069 and Gustavo H M Silva already mentioned, you could just use a virtual machine and compile from there.

Gustavo H M Silva seems ready to help. I suspect you will get more and more people asking for Linux after they watch Gamefromscratch's video about your software. Brace yourself ;PP

Yes, would it be possible to have it on Linux?

Hello! I love both Kiwi 64 and MacBat 64!

Do you think there could be a way we could make this work with the VRgin VR injector? This works soooo well with Yooka Laylee. I would love to experience your games in VR!

I tried the VRgin template with both games, but it just doesn't "hook". I think it might be because your games have a window launch prompt. Please let me know what you think.

When can we expect this new software?