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Love the game but can't run the download file.

Surprisingly good! Tooltips/a guide would have made it easier to understand and some mechanics like the love one and resetting level when entering a new region make things a little random.

Looks great and gameplay is funner than futaring but some bosses can be very annoying when they knock you in a corner. Combat feel better if the walking speed were faster and you had invincibility frames with the dodge. Also the double jump is annoying to time with the mushroom boss because her charges have such little warning. Default control scheme was arkward but rebinding is greatly appreciated. Cases like mushroom pushing you into a corner, fox spamming lasers from a corner and not being able to duck underneath, and the mage's tracking projectiles are hard to avoid. Food works well but farming and using slow healing items instead of having better ability to avoid damage isn't as fun.

Also I couldn't find what button exits from the storage menu. The mushrooms also seem to sometimes change icons to a different item or a white box sometimes in the sell menu and I think going into the spike pit is a softlock because it respawns me inside it and I can't jump out.

Fun game so far and I can't wait to play the completed version down the line.

For some reason the third batch of attacks is by far the hardest with a way faster timing from the other smash attacks. The way I beat it was timing a dash from the bottom middle to the right over the middle of the vertical attacks but it still has way too tight timing. Everything else was easy by comparison.

I think I found a bug where harold's dialogue about the guard to meet scar is not appearing despite it being the only step left in the events log.

So I played a little and one thing bugged me to no end:

Why wasn't the game done as a VN in something like Ren'Py? A more limited scope with simpler and more polished gameplay would have helped the art and assets really carry the game instead of feeling like filler between the scenes of a more traditional game.

Very good art, though there were a few bugs, the story was a little unnecessarily creepy, and the performance is awful for an rpgmaker title. It seems that the animated swaying models are very intensive even on a computer well past the recommended specs.

Seems like a fun game but visuals are broken and seems abandoned :(

Quite bare bones, especially since none of the choices seem to change anything, but the writing seemed well put together.

Were all fun, though the deer one could maybe have used a map. Overall though was a good collection is nice games, hope to see more.

Good text game, maybe over ambitious with how thinly spread the writing is over 20 characters.

My dubiously erotic handwashing experience was ruined by improper washing technique, 0/10.

I absolutely hate this from the brushing to the horse, 4/5.

Haven't played through fully yet but the Post-Jam version 5 seems to have introduced a bug where you can't click the buttons, can only select an item and nothing else after, making mayor and marionette and likely all other similar menus inescapable aside from quitting. Version 4 does not seem to have this issue.

Looks good so far. The dice game seems to have its results different from the shown rolls though. Took me a while to realize there wasn't anything to do with the basement horsecocks.

The model is pretty okay and could use more animations but overall well done and looks good.

Kinda janky in the animation and gameplay, but it's fun.

What's there is nice, only two scenes, two sfw arts and two nsfw arts is about as much as I'd expect for the length, would be good to see these games in a longer format.

No kidding about it being really, really, short. What is there is great though.

Reminds me of the prev game except it's monotonous in one playthrough instead of many failed ones. Good assets and concept but kinda ruined by questionable pacing choices.

Good art, good game made a lot worse by being unforgiving with so much variance.

Well done for a putting worms in a dick game.

Oh wow this is great! The writing has so much personality and the music was lovely.

Pretty amusing writing.

Looks good but that's about it. Movement is clunky and slow, saves didn't work which only worsened the problem of being teleported in front of a cliff edge, wouldn't recommend playing in its current state.