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No, but currently only one animated scene exists. More will be added in the next episode 

She'll have scenes and dates, but a bit further since she's special character

Thanks, we’ll polish grammar over time. New episode will be released soon

For phones (browser version) it seems that saves simply don’t work properly on itch, I’ve seen the same with other RPGM games

exe version has attached save file.

Browser version saves are on itch side, we don’t have any access to them.

Mostly you play for John, but in some quests you’ll be playing for the main character girls

Kinda because of this:

pregnancy will be added, kids maybe too in the end of the game 

it’ll be added later

two up the map, one near the Castle entrance 

enter action button, for the phone ok button. Step on the bag and press enter. Tutorial will be remade in the future

more scenes will be added 

available in ep 7

yes, later

Thanks. Check on Lina

More will be in the future

Will be added later

No, print screen works 

It’s an Easter egg 

Chest is bonus, to unlock it use both characters. For the scenario have you completed the water maze?

She ran and left the door open, kinda they were in one room 


click items (above) first, then on the plants 

We don’t control payment system. More are coming, in the next one Naira’s scene and a threesome

Part in the coming, part in the future 

esc button

There will be some scenes with furry guys banging girls, they’ll mostly appear further on new locations 

the gallery will be added in the next episodes 

honestly I don’t know it. Maybe someone else knows?


you’ve seen what we wrote in the update post


Thanks, I hope the electricity issue will be fixed so we can finish the episode 


we’ll add fast skip button for texts

episode 8 won’t be compatible, the rest will

we’ll think about it 

click items first (above), then flowers 

For now Gov has only one quest, more are coming.

Thanks. I hope she’s 18