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A member registered Jul 24, 2022

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any idea when level 4 will come out for public release?

is there a way to buy the current full build without needing to purchase the patreon?

Is there a way to go through out the whole game without having sex? i just think it would be funny if there was a way

the Cult of Pleasure still says under development for me, this is after i downloaeded Build 2 the most recent one avaliable to me

any word on the next update?

is the game not loading for anyone else? i'm stuck on the static monitor screen after you press start

any plans to update or add more content to the game, or make a sequel?

i finished the game in less than 30 minutes and now i wish i didn't cause waiting for level 4 is gonna be a pain in the ass

is night 3 the latest it goes up to?

i mean if your willing to pay i think its $7 you can get the game now plus other ones made by ferdaf

3rd party download links, but that was because the game was so big itch had a file limit


is there any other download locations?

All goods, thank you for your effort and open communicaiton with your communit

hey @Ferdafs do you know when the links will be avaliable as they still just remain as unclickable text

how did you manage to download the gam