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Dias Sandro

A member registered Jun 21, 2019

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essej jogo é massa, muito legal, muito bom trabalho.

eu gostei da história, eu realmente gosto de ler de verdade, ainda bem kkk

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this game is relly awesome, many levels, i hope its get more harder, ill play all levels

really impressive game, really awesome work you done.

cara isso foi muito lega, vou jogar denovo, e ver os finais, parabéns jogo maneirão 

this game has a good mechanic and good visuals, a very interesting puzze and a very sinister creature and lovely at the same time.


a game that is a little challenging and a little funny, the mechanics are good.


it's a very good game, I had a lot of fun, the mechanics of the game are good and the visuals too.

this game is awesome, i had fun a lot, really good creator

the most cute horror game in the world, really skillful maker.

coisa boa, tudo que é bom dura pouco.

really nice game, i had fun a lot! ill play this one again.

keep going the good job.

this is a relly good demo, thank you

The Manor community · Created a new topic really cool

i almost had a heart attack  playing this one!great!!!!!!!!!!

this game...its really awesome, really scary...

everybody should play this amazing game.

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This game is amazing, really scary, this creature have personality, it walking trough the woods is creepy. 

very nice game, i had fun a lot, the visual is very nice.

really nice game, i had fun a lot!

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I played and i think is incredible, I really want more, incredible mechanics and visuals and super interactive.


really good maker, nice mecanic system, i could not reach the end of this game, but ill try play this build later on again, really awesome work.

really niceone

really nice game, it scared me, it have personality.

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this game is so cool, i loved it!maybe a new chapter more harder!thank you, keep doing good job!

really nice one one, animations is really good, good job!

the best game ever!!!

sick one dude, i like it, already waiting for more.

i really love this games, please make more chapters, thank you!

nice game dude!

daora o jogo véi

awesome game dude!

muito bom e muito difícil, tem personalidade esse jogo.

i like the lightkeeper idea, i just starded a gameplay channel