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I couldn't find a thingie for comments so here we go. Do you remember me asking about the other routes on Ran's story? That really excessively long one about how I cry to these and I'm alone: Yeah, hey it's me again. Here to become a record player.

I didn't expect much from Bahadur's story simply because he's generally not the type of character I'm involved in, I tend to never go to the "childhood friend, super nice, and nostalgic" guy. I also didn't know what angst or drama you were gonna be able to incorporate languidly with him that didn't feel weird like you were in an argument with your father.

But holy hell. The arguments and the emotional conflict between these two was actually very mature and amazing. it was representative of way more than just a story, but also a large commentary on feminism and perception of individuals. Beautifully written as always, and amazing character development. When I got to dramatic and emotionally raw moment after the MC rejects Marco on the ship to Umar, I was crying. The sudden realization of regret and hurt the MC felt was a bit to real for me since it reflected that fantastical desire to turn back time and fix mistakes to bridge the chasms in relationships. I love his backstory and the entire scene of him being forced into your cell, unbound and drugged by the water of truth. Actually, honestly, both in Ran and Baha's stories, both the life threatening scenes on the ship to Umar, and then the cell scenes are my favorites. Maybe because I'm a sucker of one, badass MC's, and two, angst. The sweet ending had my heart melting, and adding more character to Lamya and Royo (before her story ofc) was a really charming touch (and ofc finding out who killed the Shah cause damn I had so many question's from Ran's route). 

I can't wait until more characters and I will continue to support you with stupidly redundant comments, as well as buying the routes on my broke student budget. 

(P.S I feel this heart wrenching need to draw Ran, either like pinup, or just, like, with a pony tail cause I would live for that).

Of course!! I'm happy you replied, I want to make VN romance games some day but I feel like I won't ever find a way to end stories because that's how my normal writing ends up lol. Ahhh I'm so excited! I don't know if you can possibly leak info, but do you have other characters you're thinking about for Wilder (besides Ran and Bahadur)? 

I love this game beyond words. I've played it five times because I'm pathetic, and it manages to make my emotionless-ass cry multiple times. I found you originally through Aloners, and I adored that game too (I cried as well w h o o p s). 
And then I found this game when it was still in development and I fell in love with the plot before even realizing it was you. Any story about forbidden romances, especially due to not only laws, but complete social aspects are my shit. And then on top of that, you made my favorite thing in any VN, which is angst and seemingly betrayal from the MC. And you did it well. 

Onto the actual technical stuff. The art was gorgeous, and the sound track was unique and simple yet got the emotions across. As for your writing. Just wow. I have no words. You're writing is impeccable. You're imagery and attention to details, and foreshadowing that can get lost but remain so significant is woven so well into the story. Your dialogue progresses the story so well and I'm beyond amazed by the story progression in general. The plot was interesting, and similar to Aloners, the MC isn't unbearably stupid. She's naive in this, but purposefully so. And god I know there isn't a stated time frame, but the slow burn moods from this k i l l me. In a good way. You could've priced this game at 15 dollars for just Ran's story and I would pay it ten fold. It's so rare to find VN nowadays that satisfy me in every way. And you did this so well. The sex scenes were also really well described, as in, the emotions you tried to get across to the audience was really well done. When it was clearly actions of lust comparative to just pure sensual love making was beautifully crafted. 

Overall, I absolutely loved the game. I truly hope you make Wilder have more characters as a continuation. You have a dedicated fan here lmao. <3