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Thank you for your comment ! I'm not working on this game anymore so no updates are planned

I did not do any performance test procedure. But it has no special requirements, if your computer is struggling to run the game you can reduce the settings. The game is free it costs you nothing to try ;)

J'ai tout essayé, à part rien ne fonctionne. Ma version de Chrome: 65.0.3325.162 (Build officiel) (64 bits)

Je comprends qu'il y aie des bugs, je développe aussi.

Merci beaucoup pour ton aide.

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Mon problème est que quand la lune disparait j'ai plus rien à l'écran, à l'exception des indications des touches de clavier. Je suis sur MacOS El Capitan et la dernière version de Chrome à ce jour. Des screens de la console si dessous:

En espérant que vous trouverez solution à ce problème, merci d'avance.

Beau travail ! Et la vidéo sur YouTube est génial, j'adore votre émission !

The links are there ;)


Thank you for your comment I will keep it for future updates

I did not understand your message but try this:

After decompressing the zip file, start the .exe file. A window will appear click on extract, then find the folder that was created and launch the exe that is there.

Now there is no sound option. I will watch to put in the next update.

Thanks to Steelorse for this amazing video !

Mac or pc ?

Someone made a tutorial how to download it:

Maybe you just need to click the .exe, click extract and then find the resulta of the extraction and you can run the .exe you can find there

Just unzip and launch the .exe

This was one of my main problems during development. But I will try to correct this

I find the wall jump not easy. Aside from that the game is cool !

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For Mac or Windows ?

If you make a fast pressure on the space bar you can make a small jump and a long pressure for big jump. I think the game feel is cool like that.

Maybe, but not now. I have too much work these days. But after, according the feedback, I maybe make some changes.

Thank you for the comment ! I know my game isn't perfect but if i make an update I do attention to these points.