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yea i seen that im sure theres going to be more or you wouldnt made such a great creation if there wasnt more i just adore Elijah hes so cute and hes in so much tragic pain

thank you for answering my question cause its getting interesting i wont tell what happens at end of episode 1 that kill the mood and many might get pissed lol so i cant wait until the updates

you said 6 chapters does this mean this game isnt finished yet?? and if so will the ones bought it get updated or do you have to purchase every chapter/episode?

oh umm ok i see i got lost for a minute i didn't know what game i was talking about lol but is it a good game??

i cant wait i just love bl when you finish it let me know its quite interesting that elijah plus hes so adorable

gio isnt the only route is heif so do you have to play it over to get different routes

um are they guys or gals cause they look like girls to me

so far im enjoying it elijah is so cute innocent and adorable it sounds like theres a bit supernatural it be a great anime thats for sure and lucien and sabastian are in the same predictament as him thats where im at right now but im nervous lol to read more j/k thanks for answering my question elijah man so sooo damn cuteeeeeee

where is the link to download it

when is the full game going to be released or when you pre order you get the full game??

can you tell me when its going to be a full game

omg the mc is so stupid and funny that goofy look and him acting totally clueless he didnt even remember the last time he bathed lmfao

looks very depressing please tell me its worth it