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Just in case someone hasn't read the most recent post on Patreon:

"Hey guys. Red here. I've gotten back into the groove of things and should be able to release the minotaur in a work-in-progress state in this month's build (hopefully with some bonuses).

The Pre Edition II public build has also been pushed to next month to allow us to catch up on work. Thank you for your understanding!"

Scroll down a little and you'll see that it was planned for the end of this month.

It fixed itself. That sure was a thing, though.

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I somehow managed to break the levers so hard that not even redownloading the files work. I crashed the game in the forest (I spammed down+x for fun right before it happened), fired it up again and continued. Now the levers don't give me a promt and refuse to function. 

Please help...