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taking other people’s games is wack

i just finished the first volume of reimu’s refreshing adventure, enjoying it immensely. and looked at AO3 to see that the second volume is a full eleven times longer

Holy Pepsi©

heck yeah


video games aren’t made for you my dog

with all due respect: how on earth


You paid zero dollars for a passion project man

you can’t reject the truth

whoever’s going through and downvoting all the comments: you’re a nerd (derogatory)

map in all lowercase LMAO

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trans people and gender non-conforming people holding hands

they are not (necessarily) the same, but they face similar struggles and have reason to respect each other by virtue of this

there is reason for both concepts to exist!

(this game looks pretty neat)

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“woke shit” LMAO you’re posting on the website that’s currently hosting a queer bundle for mutual aid

trans people are not your enemy

FANTASTIC idea and song choices!! :O

there is this thing sometimes referred to as an art style


this has to be the best experience i've ever had playing a visual novel. it almost seems like a dream for this game to even be real, for something to be this sweet and funny yet incredibly romantic and endearing all throughout!! just... how is this even REAL? it's like a literal dream game come to life :O

the characters were an absolute joy to read about, and had honestly stunning depths that showed throughout the later chapters. periwinkle is an unbelievably fun protagonist, and pastille kept everything beautifully intriguing just as much as romantic!! i found myself laughing every single time at the lines that made him blush, goodness GRACIOUS these two deserve to be in love

the artwork, as absolutely everything else i've seen from nami, was absolutely adorable and incredible. find it almost hard to believe it's possible for characters to be this cute! LET ALONE A TOWN - oh deer lord these backgrounds are so perfect, this town is the coziest thing imaginable ;-;

i can't say anything about the story that hasn't already been said. it's incomparable. it's far from innocent and yet the sweetest thing imaginable. this was a slow burn i absolutely couldn't put away!

the music, like everything else here, just amplified the feeling of sugar sweet magic. All the background songs are graceful and perfect for the mood, and i'm gonna be listening to that ending song watching the stars at night very often

overall, this game just doesn't even seem real. i've wanted to see a game about just.. cute guys dating and falling in love, for such a long time - then this game adds an incredible magic aesthetic to that, gives it art that should be framed on a wall, has an adorable storu and is honestly STUNNINGLY long, it taught me the word "lascivious".  just. The world is so much better now that this exists. i thank nami and everyone who made this game real so much!!

This is honestly INCREDIBLY fun. I got it just because the title is the greatest thing I've ever seen, but an enjoyable challenge and one that I'll be replaying a lot!

My best time so far is 4:28:73 :D