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Interesting experiment! Have you done any other tests with the new GPT models?

Thank you Seven!

Thank You!

Hi, great work. A bug on files folders.

The imgs in Modern_Interiors_v41.2\Modern_Interiors\1_Interiors\32x32\Theme_Sorter_Singles_32x32\5_Classroom_and_Library_Singles_32x32

are the music ones and not the library one as in : Modern_Interiors_v41.2\Modern_Interiors\1_Interiors\32x32\Theme_Sorter_Singles_Shadowless_32x32\5_Classroom_and_Library_Singles_Shadowless_32x32

Use the TNT on the rock that is closing tha north path.

Happy birthday and have fun at the sea!

Great software! Thank you!

Nice game! Thank you!

Great story! Thank you!

Good story and good characters. The investigation is not super easy. I love ghost stories!

Great tool! Thank you! I'm using twine as a first prototyping system for a visual novel and the software works great!

Thanks for playing - the game - and thanks for the review!

Great work thank you!
Suggestion: add to "hair front" --> "short"

Great game! Thank you!

Good game! Thank you

Nice game, too bad it's not over! The interface is good but I would add a list view of the camp's inventory in terms of items and discoveries.

Great work! Thank You!

Ottone Rosai is a great artist! :-) 

Great work thank you!
(a tiny note: when you go full screen you can see the landscape before e after the train)

Nice concept! Good game! Thank You!

Great game! Thank you!

Great game! A real good procedural generation in Twine! Thank you!

Great! Thank you! Nice work!

Thank you! It would be nice, when you see a work, to know the name's author. :-)

Nice example & code! Thank You!

Great work! :-)

Great Game!

Nice work! Thank you!