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If the problem persists you can join the discord server to try to find a solution to the problem.

Great ! I will watch this video after returning home. ^^

Maybe like that :thinking:

And if I had to continue, LUME I will use a snow map with advanced mechanisms ^^

It was only a prototype.I am redirecting you to M.A.S who is in the process of development with a steam page.

I do not think the project is canceled.


Y por favor habla inglés en este sitio Inglés ^^

Es por eso que continúo desarrollándome para obtener más contenido y para que la historia comience a contar.Te encuentro para la versión 0.7 ^^

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This demi is juste a part Taken randomly and change to not Say too much about the story. The story will begin to be tell a the Real game "Nightmare pills" ^^ 

I made for all builds below build 10 (V1.0) to be demo, so the build 6 (V0.6c) is a demo ^^

yes,it support HTC vive in the sitting position with the keyboard. it uses Steam vr.

It had to be done XD 

Watch Devlog during this week ^^ (I try to work all the points approach)

Look at the Build 6B i fix it ^^ 

I watch for change the flashlight mechanism but i don't want use the collectable battery system so i continue to search ^^ And please think about rate the game ^^ 

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It's an demo of an horror game in developpement 

The link page :

I have 15.22% CTR so it's very good ??? :thinking:


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La taille du jeu est petite vus tous ce que contient le jeu ^^

Poster vos impressions sur EXPEL

EXPEL community · Created a new topic Bugs Report

Mettez ici les bugs trouver

If you have any problem you can join my discord so I can patch it. My discord link :

Currently the game has no server development at court and updates fairly regular, that's why I made available the possibility of being able to create a game session to play with friends or alone

No server in V0.6.5 sorry

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crois moi c'est ma grande peur de créer un fortnite like XD j'ai vraiment pas envie de donner cet impression ^^ et merci ^^ J'essaye de travailler un maximum sur la beauter et l'optimisation du jeu^^. Si tu le désire j'ai un discord ou je post des sceenshot et des messages sur l'avancée du jeu ^^ lien discord :

EXPEL est un jeu de survie en fps/tps sous Unreal Engine 4

Pour la configuration minimum :

Un ordinateur doter d'un i3 ou plus un ati radeon 5 ou plus ....