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asking is legitimate, there is no need to die inside.馃檪

Bro please return to android, Divide the game into 2 parts, as they did for "my new family"

No ok maybe I expressed myself wrong, I would like the realstory code but I can't find where to put the code (I have the mobile version)

How do you change the landlord and roommate names in mobile? (I can't find an answer馃槄)

Thanks you were right馃槃

it says "I should go talk to her (noon)", but how does the choice of personality change appear to you?

2 weeks have passed and no options have appeared in the choice of dialogue yet, I can only ask her how she is and if she wants to take a walk at night. Please tell me I don't have to start over馃槳

It has already happened but I don't know how to activate this power, do I have to press something or select it in the settings?

I can't get maxy back, the game didn't tell me how to change mary's personality and now I'm stuck ... I'm playing from Android.