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Oh wait... it's been a while since I've experienced the story. I want to install it in Linux. Will I get the Ren'Py or Unity version if I download now? I don't really mind either platform.

If you can, please send a download link to at your earliest convenience. It's rather cold and rainy in my neighborhood as I type this. I think your little experiment might smash my dour mood. I'd appreciate it, thank you Mr Moshe Linke.

Awesome, Mr Melabo! I'll check it out ASAP from Steam! 

NVM got it

How do I get mouselook to work here? I feel as if I'm running around in old school DOOM.

That really worked for you? I grabbed the DXVK dll's from doitsujin's github. Nvidia 450.66 drivers and latest Vulkan SDK with runtime. I run Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS. Maybe I'll try again, but it didn't work for me the first time. 

Hopefully my final comment on the matter LOL...

I did get it to run in Ubuntu + wine staging + DXVK, but the cars were nonexistent. However I was able to partially drive on the darkened road until I slid and constantly kept bumping on the trees... had to hit Ctrl+esc so I could Xkill the game.

My guess, probably needs DX12... was worth a try though. 

NVM... just tried it on my i7/GTX 1050 PC in Ubuntu. Doesn't work... will have to boot to Win10Pro.

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Try wine staging + DXVK. DXVK has support for Windows apps, up to DirectX11. DXVK converts DX9/10/11 calls to Vulkan. Also make sure your Mesa GL drivers are up to date. :)

That should work, at least you have a fine CPU there. Maybe not on high settings but you should be able to run on at least medium (but not 1080).

Depends. What's the dedicated GPU your PC is loaded with? As far as I know most Unreal Engine 4 games work on Nvidia GPUs as early as Geforce 7 (e.g., 770). If you're stuck with Intel integrated graphics, you're out of luck. :/ 

Is it Pawesome or Pawrfect? I can't tell.