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very enjoyable and challenging game. i also liked the save points.

i personally thought the text was a bit too pretentious and distracting. otherwise, great game

i thought it was interesting and intriguing to know what's going on in this worlds. i also like the music. the combat didn't feel polished, my decisions didn't seem to matter. the time to solve the puzzles seems very short.

nice idea and graphics.

you might want to raise the ceiling a bit so people can't jump out of the level

there is no illusion_Data folder. can't run the game

nice enjoyable game. wish it had an ending

instructions unclear. blue kills you too

i don't know if this is supposed to happen, but the character disappears at the second screen no matter what i do

I enjoyed the game, but i think it's sometimes unfair hard when you have dark spikes straps and disappearing platforms. also, it would be good if there was a confirmation when you give up after you die. i restarted the whole game by accident multiple times.

despite this, it's still one of the best entries of this jam

nice idea, but having such a large area that you need to pan through makes it very hard. the levels should be on one screen

quite a fun game, especially for mobile devices. the graphics are nice too. i noticed a few times clicking changes the active character but doesn't jump which was a little frustrating.

it's very simplistic but a good job for one developer

ستايل الرسوميات جميل جداً. الفكرة أيضاً جميلة وفيها إحساس بالمسؤولية تجاه الشخصيات. أتمنى لو كانت أطول شوي وفيها تحديات اكثر. بالتوفيق

i enjoyed it but the graphics make it hard to tell where you are. the game could also use a tutorial level or even movement instructions on a wall so the player knows what to do and how to do it.